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Ruth kikin-Gil

Responsible AI strategist, Senior UX Designer

Ruth is a Responsible AI + design strategist that focuses on product innovation. Her career path at Microsoft took her from an innovation lab, to a strategy team, to designing future experiences in Office, and to developing and evangelizing Responsible AI practices across Microsoft. She currently drives Responsible AI practices in the Security and Compliance organization. She is a co-creator of the Guidelines for Human-AI interaction, and teaches design at the University of Washington.


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This talk provides concrete recommendations on how to create meaningful AI-infused experiences that leave users feeling in control, and respect their values, goals, and attention. It focuses on the Human-Ai design guidelines as a practitioner’s guide to creating useful, usable, desirable, and responsible AI products.
A group of Microsoft’s designers and researchers dove into over 20 years of AI-focused design guidance literature and distilled it into a set of eighteen best practices for human-centered AI design, then validated the guidelines through rigorous research. the work is already framing the conversations across industries and was recognized with an honorable mention award at CHI 2019, a conference that historically has defined the interaction paradigms of the future.
Designing AI-infused products should be done thoughtfully and responsibly, this talk offers everyone tools and methods to achieve it.

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