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Chiara Torti

Digital Delivery Unit
Eni spa

I am a Service Designer who worked in different industries at different project level, from strategy design to implementing services in real contexts having also an end to end mindset on design project. I have a I have a MSc in Product Service System Design at Polytechnic University of Milan and a Ma. in Design innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai. During these years I had the opportunity to challenge myself on different project working in a very international environment. I started my career at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in the Training Unit, helping the team designing the new learning experience. I then spent several year working in design consultancy companies: Logotel, DINN and Spark Reply. I moved forward having the opportunity to work at MSC Cruises in the Corporate Business Innovation Unit, with a great challenge in my hand: designing the first ever virtual cruise assistant named ZOE. I am now working at Eni, Italian energy company, in the Digital Factory. As a designer I support the business thru Design Thinking approach, to understand new technologies potential and to design digital products according to their needs. I work side by side with other professionals, mixing different methosologies and competences every time to face different challenges Eni’s businesses are proposing us.


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Case Study

Our Eni’s colleagues challenged us: we believe we have enough data to build an AI digital product. We shaped an internal team combining different competences to face the challenge and we brought together Designers, Data Scientists and IT business partner. We accepted the challenge and we engage them in a quick path of 3 Design Thinking workshops with different goals each time to finally being able to design a proto-user experience based on their data, previously checked on quality and accessibility. Once the concepts were rationalized with supporting data, we were able to understand together where to start to going deep into data and develop a prototype to already augment their capabilities into their daily job.

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