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Sébastien Bratières

Managing Director
Pi School of AI

Sébastien is Managing Director, Pi School, as well as Director of Artificial Intelligence with Translated, both part of the startup district and venture fund Pi Campus, in Rome, Italy.
After his first degree in France at Ecole Centrale Paris (Ingénieur degree), he carried out his academic career in the UK at the University of Cambridge (MPhil in natural language processing and speech recognition, PhD in statistical machine learning). During his PhD he created a novel Bayesian non-parametric model for structured output prediction, and received several awards and grants for his research (Yahoo, Amazon). During his industry career, he developed AI products at several startups, creating Europe’s first quadrilingual, consumer-grade, speech-driven telephony platform in 2002, inventing NLP technology for virtual conversational assistants and embedded speech applications for logistics, maintenance and manufacturing. Joining Pi Campus in 2017, Sébastien created Pi School’s flagship AI programme, School of AI, with Marco Trombetti, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Pi Campus and Pi School. School of AI is an innovative, hands-on training programme, in which industry feeds excellent engineers with hard AI challenges to crack. Sébastien joined Translated in 2017 to scale its machine learning activities, and oversees the company’s research activities. Sébastien contributes back to the scientific community by reviewing for NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, the first-tier machine learning conferences.

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